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Multiple Email Addresses With One Account

posted 15 Oct 2013, 08:45 by Alistair Hamilton   [ updated 2 Jul 2015, 00:59 ]
Do you often sign up for newsletters and forums or register with lots of on-line shops and suppliers?

Conventional wisdom suggests that when you do, you should use an alternative email address for each so that your main email address isn't inundated with junk, offers and other unwanted material. The problem is that, depending on what you signed up for, there may well be information that you need to have access to. As a result, you may find yourself having to log on to many different email accounts - not to mention remembering all those login details.

There is an alternative method that you can use which allows you to use a single email address but keeps things separated and allows you to track which registered service is doing with regard to the emails it sends you.

The following works for both Google Mail accounts as well as those hosted by Microsoft (Outlook.com and Hotmail):

If you have a + character in your email address, the aforementioned services ignore it and everything that follows up to the standard @ symbol. So, if your email address is joebloggs@gmail.com for example, when you sign up to Tesco say, give your email address as joebloggs+tesco@gmail.com and it will still reach you at joebloggs@gmail.com.

Here's the good bit though...

The email you receive will still show it having been sent to joebloggs+tesco@gmail.com

This means that you can set up a filtering rule within your email client to automatically check the addressee and move that email to a folder specifically set up to hold messages from that service, Tesco in this case. This makes it very easy to see how much junk is being sent by these services and very simple to delete it all.

All this without the need to maintain multiple email addresses and accounts.

I've tested this with both gmail.com and outlook.com based email addresses. It may work for other services but I cannot guarantee it as I haven't used them.