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Installing The Latest Stable Version Of Wine On Ubuntu

posted 5 Mar 2014, 05:09 by Alistair Hamilton   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 05:14 ]
If you want to run software designed for Windows operation systems on your Linux box you'll either need to install them in a virtual machine or try and run them through Wine - the project that aims to provide a Windows compatible API for Linux.

If you are running Ubuntu or one of the many derivative distributions based on it you'll find Wine in the official repositories. However, it's out of date. The version available through your distro is probably sitting at 1.4. However, the current stable release as at the time of writing, is 1.6.2. To install this version, follow the instructions below.

  1. First, make sure you remove any installation of Wine earlier than version 1.6.2. Do this by issing the following command in a terminal window:

    sudo apt-get remove wine
    Enter your sudo password when prompted and press enter.
    Confirm your request to remove wine by pressing enter.

  2. Add the repositories from WineHQ, the official website for the Wine project.

    Select Ubuntu Software Center from the main menu (note, that it may be call Software Center depending on your particular distro).
    Select 'Software Sources' from the 'Edit' menu of the Software Center window.
    Click on the 'Other Software' tab, then click on the 'Add' button to get the following...

    Software Sources

    In the box labeled 'APT Line' type in ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa and click on the 'Add Source' button
    Enter your sudo password when prompted.

  3. You can now install the latest version of wine from WineHQ by entering the following into a terminal:

    sudo apt-get install wine

    Confirm your password if requested.
That's it. Once the installation process is complete, check that any previously install Windows software is still functional. You may need to reinstall it if it is misbehaving.