Are you intending to replace your old computer?
Are you looking for a cheap computer for the kids?
Need a second computer at low cost?
Don't know what to do with your old computer.

In addition to providing a computer upgrade service, We are now in a position to offer a computer recycling and refurbishing service to clients. We give older equipment a new lease of life and sell them on to a good home rather than see them end up in a land fill.

Recycling Computers:

If a computer cannot be refurbished or it is not commercially viable to do so by upgrading its components, we will remove your equipment, strip it down and cannibalise any reusable parts before sending what's left to a recognised recycling facility.

Most importantly, we will fully wipe any disk drives to industry standards (as opposed to simply formatting) prior to disposal or reuse. This will ensure that any private information held on your computer is not accessible by a third party.

Refurbished Computers:

We take serviceable equipment, upgrade it where appropriate by increase RAM, new hard drives etc, and resell it. This way, you can purchase a computer base unit for less than £100.

All refurbished computers come with a 3 month warranty and are ready to plug and go.

Generally speaking, unless a refurbished machine already has a valid Windows license, the operating system is replaced with the latest version of Linux Mint XFCE or Xubuntu Linux. This is a stable, secure and virus free operating system that comes with virtually every type of software you are likely to need either pre-installed or available for download for free from the on-line repositories.

Note, that any computers that come with a Windows XP license will have XP replaced with Xubuntu or Linux Mint XFCE. This is simply because of Microsoft's intention to terminate all support for XP come April 2014 making it increasingly vulnerable to security issues.

Machines with valid Windows 7 or 8 licenses will retain those operating systems if they are currently installed.