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Why Open Source?

There are many reasons why switching to an open source model is beneficial - stability, security, reduced cost, flexibility, freedom - to name but a few.

Here at BetamicroSolutions, we are, for all intents and purposes, 'Microsoft free'. Linux is used at both desktop and server level and has been since 2007. We have no problem exchanging data with clients or suppliers who use Microsoft products. We'd prefer if they'd move to Linux, but are happy to support those who don't want to make that move. Linux and the open-source model works very well for us and removes all the expense and headaches that Microsoft software gave us which is why we're happy to advise clients move in that direction as well.

Rather than discuss these reasons here and expect you to take our word for it, perhaps you may find it more enlightening to review a few of the news, case studies and migration articles listed below. These give tips on migrating to Linux and discuss how organisations from around the World have embraced the use of the open source model and reaped the rewards as a result.

You may also find it interesting to look through the Wikipedia entry that lists Linux adopters in one convenient document.

Note that the links on here will open in a new window and represent but a small sample of the articles you can find on the Internet. Just Google if you want more. Alternatively, call Alistair on 07790 860067 to discuss what Linux can do for your business.