Home Users

Having problems with your computer? Do you need help getting rid of a virus or other malware infection? Is your broadband working as it should or or does it suffer from blind spots and poor reception? Do you want to extend the life of your aging computer?

With nearly 20 years experience in supporting computer users and their equipment, you can rest assured that you will receive a professional and timely service.

Although I do not charge a call out fee, it has become an unfortunate necessity to charge a nominal fee for call outs out with a 5 mile driving radius from my base in Kirkliston. This has been necessary due to the ever increasing costs of transport.
Key Services
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Broadband and home network configuration
  • Wireless configuration and security
  • Hardware/software repairs
  • PC hardware upgrades
  • PC clean up, optimisation and servicing
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Extend life of hardware with Linux
  • General computer advice and training

Terms and conditions
  1. BetamicroSolutions is a business based in a residential property. There are no facilities to receive clients. If you have an issue with your computer, I will always come to you.
  2. Due to the ever increasing motoring costs a nominal fee is charged for house calls outside a 5 mile drive from my base in Kirkliston. Using the form on the right, enter your post code to ascertain the driving distance and consequently the charge you would be liable for.
  3. If your issue cannot be repaired by BetamicroSolutions, then no fee will be charged. However, diagnostic tests are chargeable even if I am not in a position to fix it. This frequently occurs when the issue is the responsibility of a third party, for example, your broadband supplier.
  4. Any hardware/software supplied by BetamicroSolutions as part of this service remains the property of BetamicroSolutions until payment is received in full.
  5. Minimum and maximum fees exclude any travel charge if applicable nor does it include the cost of hardware or software supplies.
  • No Call Out fee
  • No Fix No Fee
  • Fixed Rate of £30/hour
  • Fees charged in 30 minute blocks, or part thereof.
  • Min fee £30, max fee £90 - excludes travel charge.
  • Home visits only. If needed, we'll take your equipment away and bring it back at no additional cost
  • Travel charge - £3 for every multiple of 5 miles over a 5 mile drive from Kirkliston. Use the form below to ascertain travel distance and therefore charges.

Is a Travel Charge Applicable?

To find out how far away from BetamicroSolutions you are, enter your post code in the second box below. The driving distance for a home visit will be displayed at the top of the directions on the map that appears on a new page.

If it is below 5 miles or less, there's no charge. Above 5 miles and there will be a £3 charge for every 5 mile range over. i.e. 5-10 miles = £3 charge, 10-15 miles = £6 charge and so on.

I will use the driving route suggested by Google in order to find you as well as calculate any travel charge.