Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the more common term used to describe Software as a Service (SaaS) - hosted software services that run on the Internet. This means more than just a website. Office applications such as word-processing, spreadsheets and email can all be hosted in the 'cloud'. Indeed, theoretically, everything you currently run in your office can be run in the cloud environment.

There are some major benefits in doing so:
  • No need to run and administer an internal server, thereby cutting expensive hardware, licensing and support costs.
  • Backups are maintained by the hosting provider, cutting internal hardware and administration costs.
  • Access your data files and email from anywhere in the world using any suitable equipment, including your smartphone.
  • Makes it easy to allow staff to work from home. All they require is an Internet connection. There's no additional equipment required on your part.
  • Most cloud service suppliers operate 24/7 support. You do not need to pay for additional support staff or contractors.
  • No need to jump on the perpetual software upgrade path that can lock you in to software that you don't necessarily need.
  • There are many hosting companies providing cloud based services and the prices differ greatly depending on what is on offer.
Here at BetamicroSolutions, we recommend the cloud services provided by Google as the most cost effective solution that will easily support everything that the average business user needs. Indeed, these services are used everyday by BetamicroSolutions.

BetamicroSolutions can help in the set up and migration of data from what you have now to the Google Apps suite.

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