Business Users

It's not easy running a small business. The last thing you need or want is to be distracted from your core function by sorting IT issues. That's where BetamicroSolutions comes in.

BetamicroSolutions has been supporting the needs of the small business community since the inception of the business in 1993. Over the intervening years we have come to fill many roles and develop just as many skills in order to provide as close to a one-stop-shop as humanly possible in what is a very fast moving and changing field.

Our primary function is to provide a consultancy and support role where you can free yourself from the day-to-day drudgery of looking after your IT systems and concentrate on the core function of your business, happy in the knowledge that your IT needs are looked after by a very experienced provider.

Whether it be 'traditional' Microsoft based technologies, alternative operating systems such as Linux or newer solutions in the 'cloud', BetamicroSolutions can take the hassle out of IT by removing the need for full-time IT staff allowing you to get on with your business.


We provide an on-going consultancy and advisory service providing you with the knowledge to help you make the IT decisions that affect the performance of your business. We can advise on the suitability of cloud solutions, Windows or Linux based server solutions, Windows or Linux based desktop solutions, wired and wireless networks as well as software requirements and training.

We liase directly with suppliers taking the project management tasks on-board and do so with your best interests at the centre of our activities.

Windows Server/SBS Support

We can configure and administer your existing Windows Server or Windows Small Business Server ensuring that it is operating the way it should be.

Linux Server Support (Ubuntu)

We can supply a fully functioning Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 based server hosted on new hardware or utilising existing hardware that doesn't meet the requirements of Microsoft SBS. This will save on hardware costs not to mention software licensing costs.

It goes without saying that we will configure and administer your Linux server and can offer on-going support that will keep your server running at its optimum and can do so by offering maintenance contracts that can involve either remote access or site visits - or a combination of both.

Windows 7/8/10 Desktop Support

We have many years experience in supporting users using Microsoft's ubigutious operating systems and applications. We continue to support those clients looking after desktop integration with networks, security and malware removal, troubleshooting user issues and offering training where appropriate.

MS Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft. Consequently, we do not support them either. It is advised that such machines are either upgraded to a Linux based operating system thereby extending their life or are repalced with new Windows 10 based machines.

Linux Desktop Support (Ubuntu distros)

We are strong advocates of businesses minimising their IT costs by going the open-source route. Abandoning Microsoft and the software that many people are familar with can be a daunting thought. Quite frankly, there is little to worry about in terms of the functionality of the technology. Linux, and its associated open-source software is easily capable of handling the average SMEs computing requirements. The biggest issue is removing the fear of change and the unknown. That's where BetamicroSolutions come in.

We will configure your Linux desktops and set up your users so that the functionality of their systems is pretty much the same as they are used to. Using the Microsoft Office compatible office suite, LibreOffice, they'll still be able to exchange documents with suppliers and clients who still use Microsoft Office.

Training will be given to those users who need assistance in handling the change.

There are many advantages to using Linux as opposed to Microsoft. For a more in depth discussion, please review the Open Source section of this website.

Maintenance Contracts

We can provide a variety of maintenance contracts, both on site and remotely, specifically structured to meet your needs. Please call Alistair Hamilton (number no longer available) to discuss your requirements.