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Time To Try Something Else

posted 20 Sep 2012, 07:43 by Alistair Hamilton   [ updated 20 Sep 2012, 07:50 ]
time to try linux
Over recent months, I haven't had any calls from clients to attend to any malware infestations. It has been very quiet on that front. That changed two weeks ago and I've been tidying up numerous computers every since.

Why the sudden deluge of malware infesting Windows boxes? I've no idea, but I'm happy to be paid cleaning them up.

Once again though, and at the risk of losing that income, can I suggest to clients that they at least try Linux? I'm the first to concede that Linux isn't for everyone, but it can easily handle everything that the average business/user needs to use and it does so for free, along with all the software the average user is likely to ever require.

More importantly, you won't have problems with malware. That is not to say there is not any malware that targets Linux. There is, but the number of instances can be counted in the hundreds (many of which have never been found in the wild) compared to the hundreds of thousands of such software targetting Windows based machines.

At the risk of me losing income, isn't it about time you at least investigated alternatives? Give Linux a try and see if it can be used in your business and reap all the benefits that it provides. I use Linux in my business and do not suffer from the same issues that plague Windows machines. Isn't it about time you did the same?

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