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Recycle Your Computer

posted 13 Jun 2012, 04:45 by Alistair Hamilton   [ updated 6 Sep 2012, 00:57 ]
It is perhaps a sad indictment of our modern society that computer equipment has virtually become a disposable commodity. It really grieves me to see old, working computers being dumped. I would hope that everyone is at least taking such kit to their local recycling yard.

But is that really necessary? The vast majority of older computers I come across can be given a new lease of life by upgrading components and/or switching to a lean distribution of Linux.

Recently, I've had to advise clients that it may not be worth repairing a machine despite the hardware being in a serviceable condition. The time I'd have to dedicate to cleaning up a Windows XP installation, removing viruses and reinstalling software can often mean that it is cost prohibitive for the user.

I've advised a number of clients recently that, if they insist on sticking to a Windows environment, then they may be better off ditching their Windows XP machine and investing their money in an up-to-date, Windows 7 box.

I can give the vast majority of machines a new lease of life, and I'm happy to take such machines off your hands rather than see you throw them away.

There are many people out there who do not need the latest technology to perform the tasks that they need from their computer equipment. I can provide them with just what they need, using equipment that is no longer wanted by its owner.

This also applies to businesses as well. Through the use of Linux and/or cloud based solutions such as Google Apps, any older equipment that you may be thinking of replacing could be given a new lease of life, saving you the cost of expensive upgrades and software licenses.

Please do not ditch your old kit. Give it a new lease of life first. If that is not an option, then recycle it.

I'm able to recycle equipment for you on a small scale. Later in the year, I'm hoping to have the facilities to expand this service so that I can address the needs of business clients. For now, I can take old computers off the hands of domestic users only.

If you are looking to replace your computer, give me a call first to see if it is worthwhile giving it a new lease of life. If not, I can recycle it for you.