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Free Google Apps For Business Discontinued

posted 8 Dec 2012, 04:02 by Alistair Hamilton   [ updated 8 Dec 2012, 04:03 ]
For a long time, Google offered a standard version of their online apps product to small businesses for free. Initially, businesses of up to 50 users could sign up for this excellent service and it wouldn't cost them a penny. Over the years that was reduced to 25 users, then 10 users. Now, the free version has been removed altogether.

This change does not affect existing users of the product so those clients who I've set up using the free version are able to continue using the product as they have been. Indeed, you should have received an email directly from Google explaining as much.

This means of course that I can no longer advise SMEs that they can sign up for the free service. I can still provide set up services for Google Apps of course, but prospective clients should be aware that they will have to sign up to the enterprise product which currently cost under £5 per user per month - or roughly £50 per user per year.

Details of the announcement can be found on the Google Enterprise Blog.