I'm Alistair Hamilton, owner of BetamicroSolutions.

I started my career as a Microwave Design Engineer working for an American communications firm after graduating with a B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Heriot Watt University. Eight years later, I decided to start my own business, having first returned to further education to get a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology: Software Engineering from Napier University.

Over the years, I've added a number of qualifications to the list, including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. I continue to learn new technologies in this very fast moving industry.

As BetamicroSolutions, I've been providing IT services to SMEs throughout Scotland since starting the business in 1993 and supported PCs and users for a few years before that in previous employment. Indeed, I've been doing so before Microsoft Windows became popular.

I'm passionate about empowering people and giving them the skills to use IT better, more efficiently and to minimise the financial cost of doing so. Through training, support and consultancy I aim to maximise clients' use of their IT investment while minimising their computing overheads.

While I hold Microsoft Certification in various products and continue to support Microsoft systems, I am particularly passionate about alternatives, where appropriate. I emphasise 'where appropriate'. There is no sense in ripping out existing systems just for the sake of change. I will advocate other solutions if I feel it is in the best long term interests of the client.

The open source movement provides strong, viable and cost effective solutions that are frequently a better option for business and home users alike. I strongly believe that going the open source route provides a much better business model for the computing needs of the future.

The case for moving systems to the 'cloud' is also very compelling, removing the need for expensive hardware, continual upgrade cycles and the cost that that involves.

Combining open source and cloud computing provides an extremely strong case as an alternative to proprietary solutions.

Whether it is supporting existing Microsoft based solutions or moving to alternative, cheaper solutions, I am driven by the need to ensure that my clients are getting the greatest value for their money, without impacting on performance, efficiency, accuracy and usability. I want my clients to concentrate on their core business rather than worrying about the technicalities and performance of their IT systems.

I am very experienced in the following:
  • providing IT consultancy services
  • maintaining in-house servers and desktops
  • configuring networks and Internet access
  • training and supporting staff
  • liaising with third party suppliers
I am particularly good at analysing systems and processes and finding creative solutions to improve quality, productivity, performance or reduce cost and any combination thereof.

These are all skills that I can bring to your business. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the contact details in the bottom left hand corner.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - NT4 tractvisit the FSB websiteMicrosoft Certified Professional in the Internet - NT4 tract